Nocturne  60"-24"-40" marble All gone. Nocturne Thetus  44"-24"-22" marble Thetus was a shape-changer. Thetus  ...once she was captured, she became Achillies' mother
Windhover  33"-30"-30" travertine, jet The empty spaces were to be filled with glass, but the poor thing was broken. Saguaro Window  36"-24"-6" travertine, stained glass This stained glass in curved stone idea has potential. Potshard  21"-8"-6" marble, pipestone, jet Hydra  41"-27"-20" marble I got so lost on this piece, I started to take models seriously.
Jazz  31"-17"-15" marble The buyer wanted negitive space.  That's the hole. Cufflink  16"-14"-12" travertine I worked this one out with bailing wire. Blue Blade  32"-18"-16" marble Cut to the Chase  17"-27"-15" marble
Core Sample  18"-26"16" marble, Lithichrome Watermelon Altar  14"-33"-14" travertine Everyone eats the heart first. Knot Again  15"--30"-20" travertine Broken in the same accident that broke "Windhover". A bad day. Hooks  30"-18"-15" travertine
Whale  12"-40"-15" travertine Dreamboat  22"-49"-25" marble, granite Gone to Texas. Gnarlybone  20"-18"-14" marble, Lithichrome Java  17"-29"-6" onyx Broken.
Construction #1  17"-21"-16" marble, turquoise, jet, pine base Missing? R  17"-17"-9" marble, pipestone, jet Also missing? Work this much jet, you get Valintino eyes Loops  28"-20"-16" travertine Soft Points  11"-24"-18" travertine
Knot  18"-13"-6" travertine Goose  27"-12"-10" marble Hooks  26"-12"-12" travertine Pistacio  6"-30"-6" travertine, marble
Bud  24"-8"-6" onyx, marble, pine base Nutcracker  20"-34"-12" onyx Butterfly  30"-28"-12" marble Carmin  27"-24"-12" marble
Miner  4"-16"-12" travertine Tried to trade him for a shop. Ended up buying a baby. Ann  15"-30"-24" marble, lapis, jet This is the baby.  NFS Eagle and Snake  27"-14"-12" marble Too many scales. Mother and Child  24"-24"-12" marble Fortunate tear.
Long Lady  4"-5"-24" marble How does it end? Lovers  3"-4"-14" marble Madeline  18"-10"-10" limestone Pencil  20'-3"-3" marble, travertine, jet Stolen!
Button  16"-24"-16" travertine, pine I once wore it for Holloween. No Soap  17"-11"-6" marble Fluteplayer  20"-18"-7" soapstone Hopi Resurrection  15"-6"-4" bronze My first serious model
IMG 0325  5"-15"-12"  Argilite Jo Anna's Totem Cat  15"-6"-4" clay Cowpie With Marichino Cherries  4"-9"-6" serpentine, pipestone, ? First chisel work.  NFS Fireplace
Entry Green man  The green man, limestone Pineapple Twist